Diane Boone

I create art freely from very personal memories, dreams, and intuition–there is no right or wrong. Richly detailed, darkly evocative creations that spring from spontaneity and rigor, refinement and rebellion, high and low.


An established artist, a world traveler, and an entrepreneur, I find great joy in the seduction of color and texture. Organic, curvy, or linear, blended with reminiscence and soul. My eye is caught by the inherent beauty of nature–that is the grounding element.


My approach is not particularly intellectual or steeped in formal training. I'm not restrained or analytical. Instead, I prefer my mind to channel naturally and creatively, often without a pre-planned agenda. Painting is a platform where emotion, color, and memories are planted, nurtured, and harvested.


I paint without fear of critique or judgment. It is a gift to feel this untethered. I reside and create at studios in Venice, Florida and Kansas City.



The University of Missouri​

The Kansas City Art Institute

Frank Szaz – Painting

Sarah Oblinger – Paint or Die Studio


Gallery Showings:


Artichokes Gallery 

Room 39

Leawood Fine Arts

Spaces Inc.

Arcadian Gallery

PVI Gallery

Subterra Gallery

Spotlight Gallery

Kansas City Artist Coalition

Bovari Gallery

Studio B

Crossroads First Fridays 

Gallery D

The Gallery Above

Studio Dan Meiner 

Art About Town

Heartland Theatre



Venice Art Center

Creations Gallery at the Village

Tangi & Jess Gallery

Pier 22 Gallery 

Sarasota Art Center 


Private and Corporate Placements

St. Helena, California

Aspen, Colorado

Estes Park, Colorado

Ridgeway, Colorado

Venice, Florida

Sarasota, Florida

Padova, Italy 

Overland Park, Kansas

Lenexa, Kansas

Leawood, Kansas

Olathe, Kansas

Kansas City, Missouri

Cleveland, Missouri

Sunrise Beach, Missouri

Ann Arbor, Michigan 

New York, New York

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Portland, Oregon

Dallas, Texas

Seattle, Washington

Email: DianeBooneStudio@gmail.com 

Phone:  (913) 381-0505

Venice, FL


Diane Boone Studio. Please respect copyright laws. Art may not be recreated without permission. The purchase of Diane Boone Studio artwork or jewelry does not entitle buyer to reproduction rights.